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A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic operation used to correct a patient’s excess skin, fatty folds and muscle bulging of the abdomen. These can be caused by weight loss, pregnancy or just age, and can be degrading to self-confidence. A tummy tuck will enhance your shape by making your abdomen flatter, smoother and firmer. As well as the physical changes it can also help improve self-confidence, body image and satisfaction with oneself.

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Prior to a tummy tuck, in a consultation with Dr. Ball, we will assess how much excess fat and loose skin you have in your abdomen as well as the condition of your stomach muscles. Fit, young people who can’t get rid of local fat deposits in their abdomen and hips may find better results from a liposuction operation. The standard tummy tuck incision is made above the pubic area and extends in a horizontal line toward the pelvic bones, as well as a smaller scar around the umbilicus.

There are several approaches and options to any abdominoplasty, depending upon the amount of skin and fat to be removed. Dr. Ball will communicate the method he feels will achieve the best result in your own specific case. After the surgery, you will be given further instruction on how to best proceed based on the specifics of your procedure.

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